DirectcareMD: An Affordable Healthcare Alternative

DirectcareMD is an affordable healthcare system that works for you - and your employer. DirectcareMD offers a revolutionary "old" approach to patient-centered medical care - a program free of bureaucratic interference and excess overhead expenses.

Are you ready for a better way?

It really is no secret. Doctors are fed-up. Patients are fed-up. But both are caught in an expensive, fragmented "system" they cant' easily get out of - and many workers or their employers can't afford to get into! About 45 million members of working American families are uninsured. DirectcareMD can help - for as low as $20.00 per person, per month.

A growing number of financially savvy individuals now carry only high deductible medical insurance, perhaps as part of a Medical Savings Account or Medical Reimbursement Program. These individuals seek to control their costs by directly funding their smaller bills. Physicians, hospitals, employers, insurers, the IRS - and the consumer have all contributed, with the best of intentions, to creating a bewildering and costly mess - fast approaching crises. DirectcareMD can help - for as low as $20.00 per person, per month.

DirectcareMD simplifies the process, with this premise:

It is simpler, cheaper, and more satisfying to maintain a direct relationship with a Family Doctor - with guaranteed access and a commitment to work only for the patient. DirectcareMD can help - for as low as $20.00 per person, per month.

DirectcareMD is not an insurance program. Insurance, a means of sharing the burden of unexpected risk, should be carried by everyone who can afford it to protect from large expenses that could seriously hurt a working family. But, most illnesses of most people, most of the time can be well addressed in the office of their family physician at reasonable cost. Doctor charges, however, must be inflated to cover costs of preparing, collecting, processing and reconciling their fees when submitted through an insurance company. The convenience comes at a cost in the monthly premium.

DirectcareMD maintains the convenience without the added expense.


Visit the DirectcareMD website for further details or to request more information to determine whether DirectcareMD is right for you.