Our online scheduling is not available at this time.

Please call the office at 360-704-A-DOC (2362) to schedule an appointment.

If you are a NEW patient who has never been seen at HFM, and would like to schedule your appointment online, please use the link in the sidebar to the left.

Previously seen patients of Heritage Family Medicine can obtain professional services from any computer at any time, at their convenience. The online services listed below are only for current HFM patients and include Appointment Scheduling, e-Rx Refills and online e-Consults.

How Does It Work?

During your initial visit to the HFM online appointment system, you will be required to register and choose a password that will allow you access to the secure online services page via the link at the bottom of this page. By using the online features, we expect to improve the efficiency of our communications and streamline the work flow. Once logged in, you have access to the following services:

Scheduling Office Visits

Once you have logged into the online appointment system you may schedule your own office visit up to 14 days in advance (link at bottom of this page). If you are ill and find no appointments, DO phone our office at:

360-704-ADOC (2362)

e-Consults or e-Rx Refills

To ensure SECURE communication at every step of the process, e-Consults and e-Rx Refills are initiated through the online appointment system. To access these services you MUST make a "PRETEND" appointment. However, all OFFICE VISITS scheduled are REAL.

Some issues do not always require an examination or the extra clarity of face-to-face visits. Some examples follow:

  • A woman has symptoms of her 3rd or 4th bladder infection...

  • An established patient with previous lab work and exams suffers erectile dysfunction...

  • A child in good "control" needs a refill of their asthma medication...

  • A woman on the birth control pill wishes to manipulate the time of menses...

  • The moment is "right" to quit smoking and a prescription might help...

  • You have a simple question about a medication or instruction just received...

  • You are about to run out of your usual medications (e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetic and are doing just fine with good home testing...

Because it can take the physician and staff as much (or more) effort and time to address an e-Consult or e-Rx Refill as a face-to-face encounter, a charge is made for most as follows:

e-Rx Refill request $10

Basic e-Consult w/Physician $25

Extended e-Consult w/Physician $40

In no circumstance will charges for e-Consults or e-Rx Refills exceed $50.00

A credit or debit card number is required

for the e-Consult or e-Rx Refill feature. In

no circumstance will charges for e-Consults

or e-Rx Refills exceed $50.00. If you have no

credit or debit card please call and speak to

the HFM staff.

NO Charge will be entered against your card

for simple questions regarding the subject of a

recent visit or for a prescription refill that should

have not run out yet.

To use the e-Consult or e-Rx Refill system you must contact the Heritage Family Medicine office (360-704-ADOC (2362) and leave your credit card information. They will then give you a 3 digit code to enter where instructed on the secure scheduling website. After receiving your 3 digit code you may proceed as usual to request your e-Consult or e-Rx Refill.

If you have no access to email, but require a prescription refill, you may telephone or fax your Rx refill request to the HFM staff. They will ensure its consideration. You may then call your pharmacy 3 days after your request to see if your prescription is ready. The same charges will apply. E-mail is required for e-Consults.

Both e-Consults and e-Rx Refills will be addressed by no later than the close of the third regular business day, and usually much sooner.

Step by step instructions for using the online e-Consults and e-Rx refill request system, CLICK HERE.

Our online scheduling is not available due to technical issues. Please call the office at

360-704-A-DOC (2362) to schedule an appointment.