Heritage Family Medicine strives to maintain a quiet, dignified environment in which optimal health care can occur. We minimize name calling, unnecessary traffic, and conversations about your health care outside of the examination rooms in several ways. Understanding and working into the office routine will help you and other patients gain the most from those efforts.

1. On arrival please check in at the reception window. You will be given a clipboard and pen, and be asked to carefully complete the following documents:

The following forms may be conveniently downloaded and completed prior to your appointments. A pdf reader will be needed to view the forms. If you do not have a pdf reader, a free download program is available HERE.

Upon your first visit you will be given the following forms to fill out:

A. Patient Registration & Assignment of Benefits Form, this form is completed before your first visit and reviewed for accuracy at your first visit each new calendar year.

B. Symptom Review Form, this form will ask you to mark off any symptoms you have experienced in the past six weeks. This form is completed before your first visit and about yearly thereafter.

C. Personal, Family and Social History Form, This form will provide us additional information that will allow us to have a full picture of any and all issues that may impact your health.

D. Pre-Appointment Questionnaire, BE SURE to list or bring with you a list of all your current medications and supplements. This form is filled out prior to ALL appointments.

2. Choose a "Vibra-Disk" from the stand on the reception desk and remove it. It will activate by vibrating and making noise. Make sure to write the number of the disk on your Pre-Appointment Questionnaire in the box that says, "Pager #".

3. Return completed forms, clipboard and pen to the receptionist. Pay co-pay at this time.

4. When the nurse is ready for you, she will activate the "Vibra-Disk." (You cannot turn it off.) Your name will not be called out into the reception area, thus preserving both privacy and dignity. Return the "Vibra-Disk" to the stand at the reception desk.

5. Simply walk through the door into the Patient Care Area, turning to your right, at the checkout window. Be seated at the nursing station. IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE to move from the reception area to the Patient Care Area, be sure that is clear to the receptionist.

6. The nurse will review with you your Pre-Appointment Questionnaire, obtain your "vital signs" (which may include temperature, blood pressure, weight, etc., depending on your concerns for this visit), and direct you to one of six, numbered exam rooms. If undressing or gowning /draping are required (We try to avoid this. You can help by avoiding one piece outfits.) she will give you further instructions.

7. There is a pull-out drawer beneath the Patient Apparel cabinet with toys for children. Please do not open other drawers or handle any exposed equipment (especially the computer!).

8. Stay off the exam table. It is an expensive tool for examinations not a seat or a toy for children, and unnecessary laundry adds cost to everyone.

9. You will be given individual instructions if lab or x-ray studies are required.

10. If prescriptions are required these will be printed in the exam room by the doctor and given to you. You are free to fill your prescriptions anywhere you wish.

11. On completion of your visit please stop at the checkout window, prepared with cash, check or debit card. Please arrange at the checkout window for any follow-up appointments, referrals, or record requests. Be sure a receipt is issued for any payments, and that your "Vibra-Disk" has been returned to the front desk.

12. Please, no eating or drinking in the office. It is distracting to others, unkind to those fasting for a lab study, and puts our furnishings and carpets at risk. Smoking (anything) is not permitted anywhere on the premises.