If seriously ill or injured you must go to your nearest hospital Emergency Department where they are equipped to handle such situations. If rapid intervention is required call 911. Please DO NOT abuse the 911 system simply for transportation.

For non-life threatening, yet urgent concerns, HFM wishes to be helpful to you when necessary:

  • Call us at 360.704.ADOC (2362).

  • During regular hours: We will see you as promptly as your condition requires.

  • After hours: Our telephone answering machine will five you specific additional instructions how to reach your physician or their "coverage."

If your evening or weekend need requires clinical evaluation we recommend an Urgent Care Center.

Westcare Clinic, 3000 Limited Lane NW, Olympia, 360.357.9392

Please use the after hours service

only for bonafide medical

"urgencies" where a return phone

call is needed within 30 minutes.

It is our expectation that knowing that you can be seen the next day or following, will keep after hours calls to a minimum.

If you do not receive a response within 30 minutes, call again. If there is no response the second time assume that something in the system has broken down. If your need must be attended to, go to an Urgent Care Center or Hospital Emergency Department.

Administrative and General Communication

A non medical issue may be addressed by e-mailing our staff. We will respond to these general inquiries as quickly as possible throughout the business day.