Questions and Answers About HFM:

The following are some questions and answers about Heritage

Family Medicine, both General, and Financial. If you don't find the answers to any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us by telephone or email.


Q: How do I make an appointment?

A: You can quickly and easily make an appointment using our online appointment calendar (preferred method for established patients), or you may call the receptionist at: 360.704.2362 (704.ADOC). We guarantee the same or next business day appointments if ill, to all established patients.

Q: Does HFM care for newborns and children?

A: Yes, gladly! Routine pediatrics is at the heart of family medicine. Children of all ages are welcome - we even have a special play area for younger children. Routine immunizations of infants are provided (usually at no charge, using materials provided by the local health department). Adolescents, making that sometimes difficult transition from childhood to adulthood, are welcome by a staff trained for and committed to caring for the full continuum of life.

Q: Does HFM care for women and their special needs?

A: Yes, we love women. No family starts and few survive without them. While economics (mostly, out of control litigation and insurance costs) have driven most family physicians (and many OB-GYNs) out of obstetrics, we remain committed to all other aspects of a woman's non-surgical care. Before opening HFM, about 60 women, young and mature, were asked some very intimate questions of what they liked and did not like about their office visits. Thus, at HFM we try to leave women in their own clothes (avoiding one-piece outfits on the day of your visit will make that easier). Our shorts, halter tops, gowns, and drapes are made of cloth. We use cloth table covers, Our speculums are smoothly working, warmed stainless steel, well lubricated and used gently.

Q: What are your hours?

A: Please click HERE to view our office hours and availability.

Q: Where are you located?

A: 4001 Harrison Avenue, NW, Olympia, WA. View Directions and Map HERE.

Q: What are the qualifications of your staff?

A: Please click HERE to read about the staff at Heritage Family Medicine.

Q: How do I become a patient?

A: Please visit this page for detailed information on becoming an HFM patient.

Q: What surgical procedures are done at HFM?

A: a full list is impossible, but among the procedures available are the repair of lacerations, the surgical excision of suspicious or cancerous skin lesions, liquid nitrogen destruction of warts and other non-cancerous or low-grade cancerous lesions, needle aspiration of suspicious breast lesions, endometrial biopsy, placement of an IUD, vasectomy, care of non or minimally displaced fractures with fiberglass casting or splinting, injections of major joints and soft tissue (i.e. "cortisone shots"), removal of foreign bodies from ear, nose, eye and other body orifices. If a condition requires more skill or equipment than is available at HFM patients will be referred elsewhere, looking always for the least intensive, most cost-effective option for our patients.

Q: How do I make an e-Consult:

A: Once you are a registered patient of HFM you will gain access to that online feature. A credit or debit card is required. Click HERE for more information.

Q: How do I get a prescription refill?

A: HFM strives very hard to make prescription refills outside of regularly scheduled office appointments a rare event. Please help us be certain that any prescriptions written are in sufficient quantity (including refills) or stated duration that they will last until your next intended visit.

If you are due for an office visit - make that appointment and seek refills then.

If you will run out before that visit and your medicine is critical, simply go to your pharmacy (or to HFM if purchased from us) and ask for a 10-day extension (one month for birth control pills). The pharmacist does NOT need to ask the doctor about this.

If you believe that the visit intended by the doctor is really not necessary (i.e. you are doing just fine, have no side effects, etc.) you may request a prescription refill without an office visit, through the online e-Rx Refill service. Refilling a prescription requires much of the same effort and professional judgment as during a face-to-face visit (sometimes it es even more difficult). HFM charges for this service. A credit or debit card is required. Click HERE for more information.

If your prescription as originally written was not of sufficient quantity or duration to last until your next intended appointment (i.e. we miscalculated) there will be no charge. A credit or charge card is still required to gain access to the e-Rx Refill facility, but no charge will be submitted.

A small charge will be made if you have lost the prescription or your medications, changed pharmacies, are leaving town, or otherwise wish a still valid prescription re-issued. The charges we make for certain prescription refills help keep HFM charges low for all our patients.

PLEASE ALLOW THREE BUSINESS DAYS FOR ALL RX REFILL REQUESTS (see above regarding 10-day extension for critical medications). Please, check with your PHARMACY (or HFM if to be purchased from us) after that time to inquire if your request has been filled. Those using the e-Rx Refill service will be notified by email when your prescription request has been addressed.

Q: I do not have convenient web access. How do I get my prescriptions refilled?

A: if an established patient lacks access to the online e-Rx Refill service, they may call the receptionist at 360.704.2363 (704.ADOC) who will take the required information over the phone and enter the data for the patient. The same charges where applicable will apply. Without an email address there will be no notification that your prescription has been addressed. After two business days, simply call your PHARMACY (or HFM if purchased from us) and inquire if it is ready.

Q: I have a complaint. What do I do about it?

A: While HFM strives very hard to create an experience from which complaints never arise, we realize that there are always better ways to do things. Thus, HFM values your complaints and your suggestions. Each one gives us an opportunity to do it better next time. The most helpful method to express a concern is by email - they go right to the Managing Physician. Of course you may use the mail, addressed to Managing Physician, Heritage Family Medicine, 4001 Harrison Ave. NW, Olympia, WA 98502-5084.

Q: Do you perform abortions?

A: We neither perform nor refer patients for abortions (providers are easy enough to find in the "Yellow Pages"). As a Family Physician we wish to affirm new life and firmly believe that adoption is an under utilized option that may be best for both the woman facing an undesired pregnancy and the unborn baby. On the other hand, we do not shame, coerce, or abandon any of our patients regarding the choices they make. We do provide documentation of pregnancy for our patients and will see them in post abortion follow-up.

Financial Questions:

Q: Do you give a "cash discount"?

A: Yes & NO. HFM gives a discount of 30% off VISIT fees only for immediate full payment. For most patients this is the same as a "cash discount." (However, payment in cash after the date of service cannot receive a discount.) Some insurance companies seek to prohibit discounts to self-pay patients.

Q: My employer provides me with full coverage medical insurance; can I use my insurance at Heritage Family Medicine (HFM)?

A: YES. HFM participates full in most commercial and government insurance programs. While payment of HFM fees remains the responsibility of the patient (except where our own contract with the insurer requires we look only to them for payment) HFM does, as a courtesy submit its bills to insurance programs. Any co-pay (usually listed on your insurance card) is, of course, due at the time of service. After the insurance company has processed our bill, there may be a residual amount (uncovered services, your yearly deductible, your "co-insurance" percentage, etc.). For this you will be billed. Please pay promptly. There is a $10.00 minimum re-billing fee if subsequent statements are required.

Q: My insurance uses a "Preferred Provider Network." Can I use HFM?

A: YES. HFM is a member of most "Preferred Provider Organization" (PPO) or "Network" plans. They are billed just like any other insurance company. If HFM is not a member of your particular PPO or Network we remain happy to see you as a patient, but it is likely that your insurer will pay on 50% of their usual amount (or less, some pay nothing at all). You will remain responsible for the remainder.

Q: I have Group Health or another HMO. Can I use HFM?

A: YES, but those programs will not pay us or reimburse you for the cost of your visit.

Q: Can my employer pay for my medical expenses?

A: YES, there are several ways they can do that including Medical Reimbursement Programs, Medical Savings Accounts, "Cafeteria" plans and high deductible major medical policy programs that can be used for that purpose.

Q: As a self-pay patient, what if my bill for one encounter, or perhaps several family members on one day, is more than I can pay?

A: You are always welcome to use a major credit card. However, if that is not an option for you, HFM has available a 90 day payment plan: fees in excess of $300.00 for one family on one day may be paid in 3 equal installments of at least $50.00 monthly. Please remember HFM is able to offer its services lower than typical fees because overhead costs are kept low. Timely payment will be strictly enforced. Also, fees not paid, in full, at the time of service are not eligible for the immediate payment discount of 30%.