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Beta Blockers (atenolol, propanolol, metoprolol, other "...ols"). We have not started Beta Blockers except for congestive heart failure, rhythm control, or migraine prevention for years. They are a poor choice for BP control. A large study recently said we have been right. They do not prevent heart attacks, stroke, or death. If you are still taking these drugs for blood pressure - do not quit, but DO TALK to us.

ALL Blood Pressure meds, but for "water pills" (that would be cruel), should be taken before bedtime.  The slightly enhanced control in the early morning hours when blood is most sluggish, markedly reduces strokes and heart attacks compared to day time administration.

Aspirin, 81 mg – If you are over 45 with no bleeding, ulcer, or “blood thinner” issues . . . just take it. It may reduce your risk of stroke or heart attack, and it was recently found to reduce the risk of getting several cancers.

Vitamin D3 – You live in the Pacific Northwest, so don’t waste money with lab tests, just take some – 3000 iu daily for adults, less for children.

Calcium – We used to recommend 1200 mg per day.  That amount may contribute to hardening of the heart arteries.  600 mg seems a good compromise to protect bones without harming your heart.   Adding 200 mg of Magnesium and being certain to take D3, may also help.

Over 50? – You really need a colonoscopy, which has been shown to reduce the incidence of colon cancer by 45%. If you’re a male and a smoker, also ask to be screened once for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). A quick ultrasound scan can help catch and prevent this life-threatening condition.

Prevent Diabetes?  In a recent, small study 16% of “prediabetics” given placebos (fake pills) for 9 months progressed to diagnosed diabetes. 0% (none) of the matched group taking curcumin extract, 720 mg twice daily, progressed. If you are at high risk, you might consider this supplement.

Fish oil has been heavily promoted (including by us). A large aggregation study recently concluded that while it may change some lab numbers, it made no real difference in heart attacks, stroke, or death rates. Thus, if you really dislike taking it, I can no longer argue that you continue. The last word may not yet be in, however (it never is in science).

Osteoporosis prevention:  In addition to weight bearing EXERCISE (walking) and supplemental Vit D3 (3-5000 iu daily), Calcium (up to 600mg), Magnesium (200 mg) and Potasium Citrate (requires prescription) at 60 mEq daily was recetly demonstrated helpful. If taking a bisphosphonate (Fosamax and others) it may be enough to use these only for five years. Talk to us before quitting.

Nothing is as important, of course, as prudent eating adn regular exercise. You know that. Just do it.


Many people rely on web reviews and ratings to aid in choosing a new doctor, dentist, chiropractor or other health care provider. We welcome and encourage your honest review about our facility and our staff.

There are, however, the occasional person who doesn't like us. Some, who may have been dismissed for violating a narcotic use contract or for refusing to pay their bills or might never even have been a patient, have chosen to slander us all over the Web with no accountability. There is no way for us to correct their false claims, other than to drown them out with positive ones.

We KNOW what our real patients say about us, as we ask by survey. See the results at:


Soooo…. If you have some time, and are willing, we could use your help. Please consider posting a review at any or all below:










HFM Weight-Loss Program

It’s only logical to treat excessive weight as any other illness

Simply put: Some people’s bodies are just too efficient. They are programmed to find, extract and store calories better than most. During the Ice Age, these people would have been considered superior to the skinny people dropping all around them. But, we are not likely to see another Ice Age or massive famine any time soon. Instead, we are surrounded by food at every turn and every occasion. What once might have been a survival advantage is now turned against us.

The consequences of carrying "excess nutritional reserve" are substantial. It increases the risks of heart disease, stroke, arthritis and depression. It is a serious medical problem

Why isn’t it treated as such? For years, physicians have (reluctantly) given short-term pharmacological help to patients to "get them started" on a weight-loss program, only to watch them regain it all (and more) soon thereafter. Most health-care providers have been unwilling to consider long-termmedication support. Yet, we all treat diabetes, high blood pressure, blood-clotting disorders, chronic pain, seizures and many other illnesses with medications (all with their own side effects and risks) for life without hesitation. Worse, some are insulting or dismissive of overweight patients, viewing them as simply lacking in willpower.  

At HFM, we take a more helpful approach. We treat excess weight as we would any other serious life-long threat to wellbeing.

For the last 24 months, HFM has been offering effective medication for suppressing appetite. There are more than 65 continuing participants. Most have improved their blood pressure, glucose levels and their cholesterol numbers. The average weight loss has been 23 pounds for those continuing at three months; 34 pounds at six months; 39 pounds at nine months; 45 pounds at twelve months; 50 pounds at 18 months! The most weight lost by one person has been 118 pounds!

The medications cost less than $20.00 per month; visits are required monthly x 4 then space out. You must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 30 to be eligible for this weight-loss program. Calculate yours at:  www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/bminojs.htm .

DirectcareMD is an Affordable Healthcare Alternative -

for only $35 - 50 per person per month...

DirectcareMD is an affordable healthcare program that works for you. DirectcareMD offers a revolutionary "old" approach to patient-centered medical care -- a program free of bureaucratic burdens and excess overhead expenses.

About 45 million members of working American families are uninsured.  You may be among them.

A growing number of financially savvy individuals now carry only high deductible medical insurance, perhaps with a Health Savings Account.

DirectcareMD is an ideal program for families or employees of small companies who simply cannot afford regular medical insurance.

DirectcareMD is simple...Each enrollee through DirectcareMD pays a flat monthly fee of $35 - 50.00 for all of the primary care services their participating physician can deliver in his or her office. For an additional $20.00 per month, basic in-office laboratory and  x-ray services are included.  You might recognize the convenience and predictability of this retainer arrangement as similar to maintenance agreements offered on major appliances - but in this case, your most important asset is protected: your health.

Physicians in turn pledge to provide appointments for ill or injured enrollees on the same or next business day and to be available (or provide "coverage") for urgent telephone consultation 24/7. E-mail consultation is also available.  There are no co-pays.

DirectcareMD is available to Households or businesses...  All uninsured members of a family, household, business or affinity group, are asked to enroll under one account. 

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