We never closed. We still welcome evaluation and treatment for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Depression, Established Pain Management patients, Family Planning, Dermatology concerns, well baby & child check-ups. We are still practicing and doing all the things doe in Family Medicine.

We have taken steps to make our environment as safe as possible for the NON-COVID-19 patients whose needs must still be met.

COMPLETE BEFORE SEEKING AN APPOINTMENT IF you have respiratory symptoms.




To help limit our patients unnecessary travel at this time, Heritage Family Medicine is pleased to announce;




HFM Annual Visit Policy Explained

The following link attempts to explain an "innovation" that the government and insurers decided was a wonderful idea a few years ago - without ever asking the doctors or their staff that must implement it. It has caused MUCH confusion for patients and misrepresentation by insurance marketers. For years they refused to pay for "preventative, annual exams" - THEN they saw the light and said not only do we now think they are valuable, we want no co-pay or deductible to stand in the patient's way of getting them! But, then defined them in such a limited fashion (and pay so poorly for them) that essentially nothing the patient really wants - management of their usual chronic conditions, refills of their medications, of even a proper physical exam (for Medicare) is "covered." THOSE things require a separate visit. It is NOT how family medicine works!! We are always considering multiple problems, both physical and emotional at every visit. It is what makes Primary Care, efficient care. We do not like this whole idea, but we must play by their rules. The margins in Primary Care between expenses and reimbursement are too narrow to do otherwise. The following link will take you to the full explanation.

Your Annual Visit: What Does Your Insurance Cover?

Betsy IS BACK, near full time!

Heritage Family Medicine is pleased to announce the return of Betsy Forman Serdar, ARNP to near full-time practice!

We're proud to offer

allergy drops to our patients!

Take control of your allergies with allergy drops, also known as sublingual immunotherapy. We’re excited to offer this treatment to our patients. Call and schedule an appointment to see how you can benefit from this custom treatment.